Sewer and Septic Repairs in Anna Illinois and Surrounding Communities

If your home is experiencing septic problems, not only can it cause damage to your home’s septic tank – it can also get really messy. Your septic system is the collection of waste into a large tank and the filtering of wastewater away from your home. From contaminating your water supply to foul smells, if you are having problems with your septic system, contact Sullivan Plumbing. With years of experience in the business, we provide septic tank installation, repairs, and pumping in Anna, Illinois, and the surrounding Southern Illinois areas.

Septic Tank Installation

Sullivan Plumbing has experience with various types of septic tank installation in Anna, Illinois. Our team is experienced, friendly, and professional, ready to discuss your wants. We specialize in septic tank installations of the following types:

  • Gravity Systems
  • Pressure Distribution Systems
  • Aerobic Treatment Systems
  • Mound Systems
  • Sand-Filter Systems
Septic Repairs Anna IL

Septic Tank Repairs

In addition to septic tank installation, Sullivan Plumbing is also here for your septic tank repairs. This can include your drain line repair or replacement, tank baffle repair or replacement, and filter cleaning. If you have a cracked tank – we can also make tank repairs! A functioning septic tank is necessary for any household; when you have problems, we want you to know that you can rely on your local septic tank specialists at Sullivan Plumbing.

Most Common Problems with Septic Tanks

  • Clogged Filter
  • Overflow
  • Sediment Buildup
  • Cracked Tank
  • Damaged Drain Lines
  • Damaged Baffle
Septic Tank Pumping Anna IL

Septic Tank Pumping

A backed-up septic system can cost thousands in repairs. Protect your system by having our trained experts perform septic tank pumping at your home or business. Your system needs regular maintenance to continue to function properly. Customers know that we have the highly-trained pros needed to solve all their septic problems. However, septic services aren’t the only service that we can offer. Talk to us about all your general plumbing issues. We can have quality techs on-site fast to ensure you get fast fixes for leaking pipes, clogged drains, and much more. Finally, we know how horrible it is to take cold showers. We repair and install water heaters and water softeners. Call and take a nice hot shower to wash your troubles away!

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